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Engagement Migros is set to turn into the Migros Pioneer Fund

The Engagement Migros development fund is now called the Migros Pioneer Fund. Our mission and approach will remain unchanged, but the new name describes more precisely what we have been doing for over eight years: Finding, facilitating and supporting pioneering projects. At the same time, we are proud to report that we are transferring our old name to the new umbrella brand "Migros-Engagement", which will now consolidate the social commitment of the Migros Group.


Those trying to change the world will meet resistance. But progress is achieved when people challenge deeply ingrained structures with courageous ideas and drive. The Migros Pioneer Fund promotes this courage – to ensure that bold ideas turn into tangible solutions, with a view to promoting a better society.
Courageous projects


The Migros Pioneer Fund searches for and promotes ideas with social potential. Plans which venture into new territory and pursue unconventional solutions are at the top of the list – the aim being to create a better world.


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We actively search for projects with a long-term benefit for society and do not accept applications. We support our pioneers on an equal footing and assist them in fleshing out and implementing their plans. Bringing courage to the table and leaving bias behind, we work together to create solutions tailored to the idea at hand, and support the pioneers financially for three to five years. The Migros Pioneer Fund has around 15 million Swiss Francs at its disposal each year, supported by companies from the Migros Group such as Denner, Migros Bank, Migrol and migrolino.


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If you're courageously moving forward and want to help the world, don't shy away! Our pioneers have ideas for a better society and the necessary drive to translate their projects into reality. They are ready to use their efforts to inspire others – they share the knowledge they have gained, helping others to learn from their successes and failures. The projects we support are set up for the long term, and are increasingly standing on their own two feet financially or have the potential to find long-term sponsorship.


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