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Match-Making Module

Matchmaking for Swiss start-ups

Young Swiss creatives are able to connect with international experts and investors at the Cannes Film Festival. The Match-Making Module is part of the platform “Beyond Cinema: Swiss VR and Digital Revolution” at the “Marché du film”.

This initiative was launched in 2015 by the Geneva International Film Festival Tous Écrans and the Swiss Digital Alliance, with support from Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council. The focus is on Swiss start-ups for virtual and augmented reality, whose potential is big: Swiss start-ups are very successful internationally, but what is often missing is the financing necessary for continued development.

At over 40 meetings, Swiss start-ups network with representatives from leading movie studios, one of the most important European TV stations, the R&D department of international telecom groups, and Chinese investment funds. Michel Zai, CEO of Somniacs, is optimistic that they will be able to finalise a very exciting distribution deal in the next few weeks.