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AlgorithmWatch Switzerland

New project
People & Digitalisation

Life can be so simple. Our navigation devices guide us directly to our destinations, and we've now become accustomed to Netflix suggesting new films and series for us that match our tastes exactly.

Convenient? 100%! This is all made possible by algorithms – applications that automatically analyse data and prepare or​​ make decisions. This process is difficult for users to follow, however.

AlgorithmWatch Switzerland believes that a society can only trust the decision-making processes of algorithms if it knows how they work, which objectives they pursue and, in particular, if these systems can be controlled. The organisation is therefore pushing for more transparency and regulation. Its aim is to check algorithmic decision-making processes and be able to hold those responsible accountable.

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund development fund, AlgorithmWatch Switzerland is creating a comprehensive understanding of algorithmic processes, based on the model of its German counterpart. Furthermore, this will extend to all levels, from companies and public administrations to media, political decision makers and, of course, the users themselves.

AlgorithmWatch Switzerland analyses algorithmic decision-making processes and explains them to a wide audience. The not-for-profit organisation helps experts from a variety of disciplines to design algorithmic processes in a comprehensible way, and formulates recommendations for action on regulation.