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Beekeeper training

Project completed

The first beekeeper training course, which leads to federal certification, prepares beekeepers for the challenges of the future.

The demands made on the training and specialist knowledge of Swiss beekeepers are growing. The Migros Pioneer Fund supports the development of a finely tailored offering for professional development, to equip bee breeders with the latest findings for the future. The tailored training offer conveys the latest findings and combines theory and practice. The course is intended to raise the level of beekeeping in Switzerland and thereby improve the care of bee populations.

A total of nine courses started successfully in German and French-speaking Switzerland by the end of the initial promotional phase of the project. From the beginning, the offering attracted considerable interest and is now already full until 2019. The handover of the course to Imkerbildung Schweiz GmbH, which is part of apisuisse, the umbrella organization of the Apicultural Associations of Switzerland, will guarantee this professional development programme can continue to be offered in the long-term.