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New project
Collaborative Innovation

Digitalisation, increasingly complex requirements, and expenditure that outstrips income – there is a lot of room for innovation in the public sector. But favourable conditions for exploiting this potential are often lacking.

Enabled by the Migros Pioneer Fund, the civicChallenge pioneer project activates and supports untapped skills in the public administration sector. It organises an annual project competition to promote the development of an innovative, networked and project-based way of working. Employees in public administration are invited to submit ideas that focus on the needs of citizens or make public services better, more agile or more efficient.

Concrete innovation projects are being sought to enhance the attractiveness of public administration for competent and innovative employees.
civicChallenge is convinced that when administration is infused by a culture of innovation, it encourages a sense of public identification and facilitates participatory processes. This increases transparency at no added cost and strengthens democracy.