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New project

In order for city planning and urban development to continue to enable sustainable cities worth living in, despite growing populations, increasing traffic and the internal densification demanded by politicians, they must become participative, evidence-based and smarter. Digitalisation offers new possibilities for analysing and involving the population.

The pioneering project cividi provides digital tools for the analogue city, thanks to support from the innovation partner Migros Pioneer Fund. It aims to make local concerns visible and to involve civil society in spatial planning. Cividi is establishing a platform for the visualisation and exchange of data on the use of urban space. The platform works with data from government authorities and businesses, but it also offers users the opportunity to make their individual data available for social purposes. A cooperative model for utilisation and further processing is being developed to this end.

In cooperation with partners from public administration, academia and industry, cividi is building the foundation for the participatory development and better use of urban spaces and infrastructure – as an alternative to new, expensive construction.