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New project
Collaborative Innovation

Volunteer work forms the backbone of our society. It strengthens our social awareness, makes us more satisfied and gives our existence a purpose. More and more people want to engage in volunteer work. Companies have also realised how important social engagement is - for society and for employee retention. 

This willingness opens up completely new opportunities for non-profit organisations. The pioneering project Copalana is keen to capitalise on these opportunities with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund. 

The project centres on a platform that networks employees, companies and non-profit organisations with one another. It offers companies and their employees tailored options for engaging in charity work. Copalana provides information on crowd-funding and corporate volunteering projects and supports companies in implementing these. The project seeks to build bridges between non-profits and companies. The aim is to embed social engagement and social responsibility as integral parts of Swiss corporate culture.

The platform was set up with support from Credit Suisse. The Migros Pioneer Fund now assists the project in scaling up throughout Switzerland.