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New project
Museums & the Public

Museums are just as affected by digital change as everything else. An overall digital strategy is necessary for transformation to succeed, so that new opportunities can be taken advantage of: existing structures must be adapted and new expertise must be acquired. 
As an initiative of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the pioneering project is supporting eight Swiss museums during this process over the next three years. In addition to providing conceptual and strategic advice, the partner museums are also receiving support in the implementation of the measures associated with the new and overarching digital strategy. One focus will be on the conception and realisation of “digitorials”, a digital communication tool. They combine innovative storytelling with a multimedia mix of image, sound and text, thus setting new standards in imparting knowledge about cultural content.

Digitorials were developed in Germany by the Städel Museum, the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung and the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, where they are now a successfully established part of each museum. The project is therefore cooperating with these three art institutes here in Switzerland, and is being created as an initiative of maze pictures swiss and the Migros Pioneer Fund.