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Discuss it

New project
Collaborative Innovation

Democracy depends on dialogue, participation and the involvement of everyone. Here in Switzerland, we have unique rights of co-determination – of which many young people are admittedly often unaware.
The "Discuss it" project has been set up to change this. In order to provide young people with an understanding of politics, "Discuss it" will offer Swiss secondary and vocational training schools the chance to have events on current political issues, referenda and elections organised and held on site. The events will consciously present the different perspectives and will actively involve the students. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, this offering will be professionalised and developed throughout Switzerland. In the wake of this, new regional teams will be created and the association structure, which is based on voluntary commitment, will be cemented and further developed.
The aim of this charitable neutral association is to reach every young person in Switzerland with its offering. As a result, the aim is to promote young people's participation and involvement in political discourse and to inspire them to engage with politics – to have a say instead of letting others decide for them.