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New project
Museums & the Public

Murder, flirting and blows from a hammer – who would expect to find this at a museum? The games@museums pioneering project has an unconventional approach to getting new spheres of the public interested in museums. Visitors can play digital games to interactively experience art within permanent exhibitions and collections, and to see pieces in a surprisingly different light. For this collaborative project made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund, students created digital game ideas for museums.
In German-speaking Switzerland, the cooperation partners were the Stadtmuseum Aarau and the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK); in the French-speaking part of the country it was the Musée d’Ethnographie Genève and HEAD, the Geneva University of Art and Design. The best ideas were developed as prototypes and will be tested at three further museums by Summer 2019.

If the results are successful, they will be further developed and made available to interested Swiss museums so they may be adapted to their own collections and permanent exhibitions. This pioneering project is testing a new line of attack for outreach, promoting collaboration between museums, universities and game developers.