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Wearing high-quality clothes longer, buying them regionally and fairly: Slow Fashion is the counter-movement to Fast Fashion. It stands for the conscious use of resources, even in your closet. Buyers and consumers are increasingly paying attention to sustainability, production conditions and origin – not only when it comes to nutrition, but also for fashion. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Laufmeter pioneering project is creating a permanent place for Swiss fashion in the public’s awareness.

To this end, the “uf dr Gass” fashion shows – which for years have successfully used the cobblestone streets of Bern’s old town as a catwalk – will be expanded to other Swiss cities. The project is testing a social franchise system. In addition, the public has direct access to local fashion via pop-up store, mobile showrooms and an e-shop. A permanent online presence provides information and makes production conditions transparent. 

Laufmeter shows how much fun regional and sustainable fashion can be. In addition, the project gives everyone who’s interested the opportunity to set an example against the throwaway mentality through their own purchasing decisions.

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