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Make Furniture Circular

New project
The Circular Economy

The product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter. Not just in the fashion industry, but also for our furniture. When compared with clothing, however, an old bed or wardrobe is more complicated to disposing of. It would be much better if you could return them to the manufacturer, where they could be taken apart and their individual parts recycled. 

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Make Furniture Circular pioneering project demonstrates the opportunities the circular economy offers the furniture industry. The project lets companies exploit their economic potential. Recycled furniture stands for high quality of life with a level of resource consumption that remains constant. 

Make Furniture Circular is motivating the Swiss furniture market by unleashing the creativity of a wide range of players. With design thinking, innovative business models and in dialogue with buyers, new future-proof products are being created that strengthen the sustainable «Made in Switzerland» quality. 

Make Furniture Circular is a ground-breaking model for other sectors of the Swiss economy, as it makes its way from a disposable society to a circular economy.