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#MoveTheDate Switzerland

New project
The Circular Economy

11th May is Overshoot Day. This is the day of the year when Swiss people have used up their natural resources for the whole year. After this date, we live at the expense of future generations. The pioneering project «#MoveTheDate Switzerland» has set itself the goal, together with the Swiss population and with the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, to push this day back. 

We are all part of a system that offers great potential for change. But the topic of consumption is often contradictory and complex – and it leaves behind a feeling of unease that is hard to grasp. This is where the project comes in. We can drive positive movement forward by exchanging knowledge and success stories. This fleshes out the many initiatives and projects in the field, providing an easily understandable vision. 

The platform «#MoveTheDate Switzerland» is oriented towards practice, offering not only stories and a lively community, but also concrete options for using our resources sparingly. The offering is supplemented by events and campaigns on the topic. This bundles everyone’s strengths so that Overshoot Day may one day take place on New Year’s Eve.