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Collaborative Innovation

Willingness to give is high in Switzerland, as is the desire to make a difference. And yet, these good intentions rarely translate into concrete action – the range of aid projects available seemingly too confusing and the places of contact too widely dispersed. Charitable projects and non-profit organisations therefore continue to have difficulty in reaching potential helpers and finding support.
With the help of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project Plentii puts willing helpers and non-profits in contact with one another. To do this, it uses local, subject-specific networks and an overarching digital platform, where interested persons can quickly find information and simple access to different ways of getting involved – be this through providing financial support, doing voluntary work or donating goods. On the platform, they can set up filters according to their interests, get an overview of where which kind of support is needed most urgently and contact non-profits directly. This ensures that all of those good intentions are put into practice directly.
As for the charitable initiatives, Plentii and its digital infrastructure give them a quicker, more efficient way of talking to potential helpers. This enhances transparency and trust. In addition, the pioneering project helps non-profits to form local networks, talk to one another more easily, and make better use of synergies.