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New project
The Circular Economy

Whether we like it or not: plastic packaging is going to be part of everyday life for a long time to come. However, the consumption of packaging in such vast quantities devours raw materials and energy – and leaves behind huge mountains of waste.

real​CYCLE wants to change this: made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund, the project seeks to understand and structure the entire value chain of plastic packaging as a closed loop.

A closed loop of this nature can only work properly if there is coordinated interaction between the various steps – from the packaging design and production to the recycling industry and raw materials trading. To ensure this, real​CYCLE brings all the players in the value-added chain together and provides them with the knowledge they need for a cyclical collaboration model.

In addition, real​CYCLE initiates pilot projects that show how the recycling of plastic packaging could look in practice in a circular future, and works with industrial partners to define quality standards for the processing of plastics.

Thanks to real​CYCLE’s integrated approach, old packaging will become new packaging in the future. This conserves resources and reduces the mountains of waste.