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SINGA Factory

Project in progress
Collaborative Innovation

All people, regardless of where they come from, should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and occupy a place in society. When it comes to refugees, however, the reality often looks quite different. Many have business experience, but lack access to the market.

With this in mind, the pioneering project SINGA Factory - Innovation Through Diversity has teamed up with the Migros Pioneer Fund and successfully launched a six-month start-up programme for people with refugee and migrant backgrounds in Zurich and Geneva.

Now the pioneering project is working to establish the start-up programme all across Switzerland, with the aim of encouraging other stakeholders to employ their groundbreaking model. The project is working closely with public partners and drawing on lively exchanges with the private sector to develop an open source toolkit as well as training opportunities. SINGA will initially make the entire programme, including its proven knowledge of methods, formats and organisations, available to public authorities.

This will help to firmly establish the start-up programme's innovative approach in the long term, and generate multi-regional impacts. This programme will make it easier for refugees and migrants to set up their own businesses and sustainably strengthen the diverse and innovative start-up scene in Switzerland – to the benefit not only of the business location, but of society as a whole.