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Smarter Healthcare – an Ecosystem Booster

New project
Collaborative Innovation

Education, research, innovation, technology – Switzerland actually has the best prerequisites for a progressive healthcare system. If only it weren’t for rigid structures and outdated processes, which often prevent an exchange between the various stakeholders and thus the proper exploitation of this potential. 

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the Smarter Healthcare pioneering project has set itself the goal of resolving obstacles in the healthcare system. The project is being initiated by a group of companies who have already worked with the Swiss Healthcare Startups association to lay the groundwork in this field. This will give the movement the necessary drive to create an intelligent ecosystem for the healthcare industry that will extend beyond Switzerland. 

Smarter Healthcare aims to make innovation in the healthcare sector possible and visible through targeted networking and support. The project is playing a mediating role and is the point of contact for both digital aspects – which include a startup map, for example – and regular networking events. For a changing healthcare system that benefits everyone.