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Project in progress
Collaborative Innovation

The staatslabor is a initiative launched by PoliLab, Impact Hub Bern, the Centre for Public Impact and the Migros Pioneer Fund. As a centre of expertise, the initiative makes available to public administrations modern innovation methods that are already being successfully applied in private business and NGOs. To this end, the staatslabor has put together a programme made up of information packages and workshops, is building a viable community made up of interested players within and outside the sphere of administrations, and checks the effectiveness of the innovation methods against concrete case examples.  

Behind the staatslabor is the conviction that today’s greatest challenges can only be faced through collaboration and a wide variety of different methods. There is already an assortment of international providers of similar offerings, with whom the staatslabor is in contact. This allows the initiative to process existing knowledge into a form suitable for Swiss administrations on all levels (federal, cantonal, municipal).