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Stop Hate Speech

New project
People & Digitalisation

The freedom to form opinions and an open debate are among the core values of a free society. This requires both tough and objective discussions. However, social media and below-the-line commentary on news platforms have lowered the threshold for hostility on the internet. Women and young people are affected more often than others. 

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund development fund, the Stop Hate Speech project is doing pioneering work on this new phenomenon. Its objective is to detect hate speech on the internet using an algorithm. At the same time, it is developing a digital contact point offering information to those affected. Checklists will help assess where lines have been crossed, define concepts and identify options for action. This will strengthen media competence and contribute to better sensitising the population.

The pioneering project addresses a specific digital problem by combining technical and legal approaches. A cross-language volunteer community will be established to directly intervene in discussions affected by hate speech.