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New project
People & Digitalisation

Our way of working is changing: Job profiles are evolving more dynamically and changes in biographical focus will become increasingly likely as the years go on. Today's social systems no longer adequately​ reflect many of these developments. To determine how these systems can be equipped for the future, new approaches and ideas are needed.

With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, the pioneering project "Ting" represents a model-like solution for supporting these developments in society. At the heart of the project is a community, connected via a digital platform. Community members provide one another with financial support for a specific purpose and for a limited amount of time. This​ gives them the opportunity to make brave decisions, venture into new territory or develop their skills​ without any financial pressure. This​ may take the form of individual development, such as the pursuit of self-employment, entrepreneurship, social engagement, care work, family time or further training and development.

This service not only strengthens the individual potential of the members, but also tests out new approaches, gathers valuable experience and, last but not least, promotes developments affecting the whole of society.