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Urban Equipe

New project
Collaborative Innovation

Swiss cities are growing. Which also makes living together more complex. Both metropolitan areas and suburbs are facing urban challenges, and the awareness that they cannot simply be solved from “top to bottom” has increased in recent years. 

This is where the pioneering project Urban Equipe comes in. With the support of the Migros Pioneer Fund, processes are being developed to help civil society, city administrations and planning offices work together more closely. The project is guided by the conviction that this kind of collaborative discussion is irreplaceable in urban planning. However, this requires strong players in civil society and administrations that are willing to cooperate. The project’s “urban equipment” helps intensify their exchange of ideas. This includes a collection of methods, formats and tools such as construction plans, games and explanatory videos, which are being tested and further developed together with so-called accomplices. Urban Equipe understands “complicity” to be a temporary but binding, local and topic-specific collaboration. 

These bundled forces help create cities that are capable of both learning and solidarity, and which can secure the quality of life of their populations well into the future, even as they make it accessible to everyone.